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Millathane® TIPs Document Archive

V12-2Dynamic (Goodrich Flexometer/Heat Build-up) Properties of Millathane Compounds (TIPS V12-2)
V12-1Antioxidants in Millathane 26
V11-1Formulating with Millathane® Millable Polyurethanes (TIPS V11-1)
V9-1Millathane® Millable Polyurethanes in Soft Rollers
V8-1 – Millathane 6010 (Currently not in production; contact TSE for more information)
V7-1Millathane® 5004 blends with Hydrin H1100 for Oxidized Fuel Resistance
V6-2Millathane® 26 with High Styrene Resin and Liquid Polybutadiene
V6-1Compression Deflection of Millathane® Compounds
V5-3MILLATHANE® 66 for High Heat Resistance
V5-2Antistatic MILLATHANE® 76 Compounds
V5-1Peroxide levels in Millathane 66, ASTM D2000 BG compounds
V4-4Plasticizers in MILLATHANE® 76
V4-3Millathane 26 - Compounding --> See TIPS V6-2
V4-2Millathane 5004 and Millathane CM Water/Outdoor Aging
V4-1Millathane E34 vs. Competitive Polymer
V3-5Choosing the Right Millathane® Polyester Urethane
V3-4Mold Shrinkage Study - Millathane 76 and E34
V3-3Millathane Grades: Premilled vs. Virgin polymers
V3-2Millathane 26 - New Urethane for FDA--> See TIPS V6-2
V3-1Millathane 97: Injection Molding
V2-5High Modulus MIllathane 5004 Compounds
V2-4Millathane Millable Urethane Roll Vulcanization
V2-3Millathane 97: High Hardness Compounds
V2-2Molding of Millathane Millable Urethane Rubber
V2-1Processing of Millathane Millable Urethanes
V1-2Millathane 5004 Blends with HNBR
V1-1N-990 Carbon Black in Millathane E-34


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