Thanecast® Prepolymers for Castable Polyurethane Systems

TSE Industries has been a full-service contract manufacturer of specialty CASE products since its founding in 1962.  From lab scaling to commercial production, we have toll manufactured more than 300 million pounds of polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomer, and prepolymers.

Over the last six decades, we’ve perfected the manufacturing processes, expanded our capabilities, and increased our available production scale.  Combining our extensive experience with the latest technology, we also offer a line of Thanecast® Prepolymers for the cast PU market.

Download the Thanecast® Prepolymers Infosheet for complete details.


Thanecast® Prepolymer Options

  • Polyester / TDI Grades
  • PTMEG / TDI Grades 
  • PPG / TDI Grades
  • Custom grades for unique requirements
  • Future grades to include MDI-based prepolymers

Thanecast® Prepolymer Available Grades

Laboratory Capabilities

At TSE’s on-site, world-class Development and Analytical Center (DAC) lab we perform statistical process and quality control for all products, both in-process as well as final product testing. 

In our DAC Quality Control testing lab, we test for %NCO, Brookfield Viscosity, and Specific Gravity. We also test our Thanecast® prepolymer grades and any custom-formulated prepolymers within our Product Development lab.

Equipment & Capabilities

Designed for custom manufacturing, TSE’s plant offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to handling raw materials, scaling-up batches, and managing production runs.  No requirement is too large or too small. All facets of the business operate under the guidelines of our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Manufacturing Equipment

Production Reactors: 3,500Gal (3), 3,000Gal (4), 1,250Gal (2), 700Gal (1)
Scale-Up Reactors:  500Gal, 250Gal, 25Gal, 15Gal, 5Gal
Reactors are 316 Stainless Steel, Full Vacuum, Pressure Rated
In-line Filtration (10-800 micron), Jacketed Draw-Off Lines
Operate Under Closed Conditions
Charge from Bulk, Drum, Tote, Bags
Reactor Design for Flawless Scale-Up
Full Heating / Cooling Systems
NMP Process Cleaning System
Solvent Distillation / Recovery System

Packaging Capabilities

Full Tanker Trucks
275-Gallon Totes
55-Gallon Drums
5-Gallon Pails
Custom Packaging Options

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