Chain Tracks and Guides

At TSE, we specialize in custom conveyor components. Utilizing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene from Duro-Glide® Polymer Sheets, we make a variety of custom plastic chain tracks and guides that keep industries moving.

Our fabricated plastic tracks and guides come in a variety of UHMW formulations, which are based on your specific requirements. Other material options like HDPE, Acetal, and Nylon are available upon request.

Custom Plastic Tracks and Guides
Formulation Code Material Color Properties
W Natural (1000) Virgin, basic material selection for curves, FDA compliant
GL Gray (703) Enhanced, lubricated with wear properties, FDA compliant
BL Brown (845) Enhanced, Oil-filled with wear properties, FDA compliant
SR Black (931) Enhanced, static reduced, FDA compliant
BR Black Reprocessed, TSE special formula, R90
HT White (925) Enhanced, Hi-Temp, FDA compliant
GF Green (675) Enhanced, Glass-filled for special applications
MD Black Moly filled Nylon for maximum speeds and loads

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Custom Plastic Tracks and Guides

Chain Tracks

We offer made-to-order plastic chain tracks in several styles, as well as a variety of pre-made forms:

  • Corner Tracks Standard: TableTop® Chain (Tab)
  • Corner Tracks Bevel: TableTop® Chain
  • Corner Tracks Two-Piece: TableTop® Chain (Tab & Bevel Style)
  • Custom Tracks: Single Lane Tab, Single Lane Bevel, Multi Lane Tab

Use our Chain Tracks Buyers Guide to help you select the best option for your needs.

Custom Plastic Tracks and Guides

Chain Guides

TSE offers a full line of machined plastic Chain Guides. These are designed to carry roller chain over a smooth surface. Plastic is the material of choice for quiet operation with no need for lubrication … and long life. TSE plastic chain guides come in a variety of configurations and materials.

We also offer a selection of standard and locking guide rails, as well as thermoplastic and universal guide rail brackets.

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