Thanecure® ZM

Thanecure® ZM is a cure activator/accelerator for sulfur cured Millathane® polyurethane rubber. It consists of a partial complex of zinc chloride and MBTS. Increasing the amount of Thanecure ZM increases the rate and state of cure, and improves the compression set resistance.  

For the most practical applications, 1.0 part of Thanecure ZM provides a good balance between cure rate and processing safety. As the concentration of the product increases above 1.0 part, cure rate improves only slightly with reduced processing safety. If it becomes necessary to increase scorch time for greater processing safety, MBT level can be reduced to 1.0 phr without changing the amount of Thanecure ZM.

Zinc oxide is not compatible with some polyester polyurethane rubber. Thanecure ZM, which contains active zinc, needs to be incorporated to insure proper state of cure. It is used to cure both polyester and polyether Millathane® and other types of sulfur curable polyurethane rubber.

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