Thanecure® T9 (TDI Dimer)

Thanecure® T9 polyester-to-rubber adhesion promoter has been developed for high-performance products to keep them operating through temperature extremes, fatigue, moisture, and stress. Thanecure® T9 allows superior rubber products to perform longer without fear of adhesion failure.

Thanecure® T9SF (SuperFine) is the dimer of 2,4-toluene diisocyanate. It is a polyfunctional isocyanate used primarily as a vulcanizing agent for polyurethane rubbers, as a crosslinker for heat-activated adhesive systems, and as an adhesion promoter for rubber-to-fabric bonding.

Thanecure® T9 Applications
Vulcanizing agent for isocyanate-curable polyurethane rubbers, particularly when a high hardness is desired. Applications include industrial molded parts, rollers, ceramic tile molds.Adhesion promoter for rubber-to-fabric bonding (polyester, aramid, polyamide). Applications include tire cord, conveyor belts, drive belts, hose, coated fabrics.
Crosslinker for heat-activated adhesion, coating or elastomer systems.Adhesion promoter for PVC-to-fabric bonding (polyester, aramid, polyamide). Applications include coated fabrics and conveyor belts.

Read the Thanecure® T9 Bulletin on how the adhesion promoter works with bonding rubber to textiles.

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