Development and Analytical Center (DAC Lab)

At TSE, all of the Research and Development and Quality Control functions are handled by our Development and Analytical Center (DAC). DAC is an on-site, world-class lab that performs statistical process and quality control (SPC and SQC) for all products, both in-process as well as final product testing.

The lab utilizes four different sizes of glass scale-up reactors (5Gal, 4L, 2L and 1L) for testing and quality control. In addition, a variety of 316 stainless steel, full vacuum, pressure-rated reactors, from 5 gallon to 500 gallon, are used for scale-up and production. To learn more about the Reactors, visit our Specialty Chemicals section.

Our highly-trained DAC’s expert technicians and engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to assure consistent quality products for our customers including:

Testing Capabilities
Automated TitratorsFTIR Spectrometer
Brookfield ViscometersMooney Viscometers
Melt Flow IndexCarl Fisher Moisture Analysis
Instron TestingHydroxyl Number Testing


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