Millathane® Formulary and Grades

Millathane® millable polyurethane rubber comes in a number of Polyester and Polyether grades and subsequent formulary setups. Polyether grades have better water and hydrolysis resistance than polyester grades, while polyester grades have better heat, oil and compression set resistance than polyether grades. Most Millathane grades are available in a range of viscosities and can be packaged as dense bales or premilled sheets. 

From the chart below, choose the Millathane compound you are interested in to learn more about its Grade. You may then select the ID for the specific Hardness, Shore A to get the formulary.

Millathane® 26

Millathane® 26 is a polyether polyurethane rubber compliant with the United States Code of Federal Regulations*, Title 21 parts 177.1680 and 177.2600. This polyurethane rubber is designed for food contact applications such as belting, rollers, seals, gaskets, linings, socks, boots, lagging, curtains, and hoses. It is peroxide-curable only.

Millathane® 26 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
501718Non-Black Sponge/Foam Compound, 0.59 Density
52813Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA / Food Handling
601684Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA / Food Handling
651685Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA / Food Handling
671686Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA / Food Handling
841683Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA / Food Handling
93 (40D)1045Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound (Not for Food Handling)
75/92/95/97/98004R1Isocyanate Cured

To be compliant with the FDA regulation 21CFR 177.2600, articles made must be made from the lists of ingredients shown in that section of the Federal Register. Additionally, if the article will come in contact with aqueous or oily foods, water or hexane extractions, respectively, need to be done on the finished article. TSE Industries, Inc. makes no guarantees that the end article complies with any part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. All testing, registrations, and final approvals must be made by the article’s manufacturer.

Millathane® E40

Millathane® E40 is a sulfur or peroxide curable polyether polyurethane rubber for the production of rollers, belts seals, gaskets, and other molded parts that require excellent abrasion resistance, low-temperature performance, hydrolytic stability, and high mechanical strength.

Millathane® E40 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
551577Black, Sulfur Cured Molded Wheel/Roller
641423Black, Peroxide Cured Molding Compound
671623Non-Black, Sulfur Cured Shoe Sole Compound
701682Black, Sulfur Cured Molded Wheel/Roller
851027Non-Black (Amber Transparent), Peroxide Cured Molded Diaphragm

Millathane® 66

Millathane® 66 is a peroxide curable urethane rubber for the production of oil, fuel, and chemical resistant parts which require excellent low and high-temperature performance and high mechanical strength. Compounds of this compound have excellent abrasion resistance. Premilled contains 1.5 phr of a polycarbodiimide (Millstab™ P) as a stabilizer for improved hydrolysis resistance and heat aging properties.

Millathane® 66 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
46541Non-Black, General Purpose
631668Black, ASTM D2000 M*BG628 A14 B14 EO34
65537Black, Semi-Conductive
70519Yellow Molding Compound
801578Black, Molding Compound
941704Non-Black Molding Compound

Millathane® 55

Millathane® 55 is a high-performing polyether millable urethane rubber developed primarily for applications requiring low viscosity, high hardness sulfur-cured compounds. Compared with Millathane E34 in sulfur cured compounds, Millathane 55 compounds have higher hardness but with lower viscosity. Compounds also have excellent abrasion resistance, high resilience (rebound), excellent ozone resistance, moderate oil and fuel resistance, and very good hydrolytic stability.  It is sold in bales, not pellets, for ease of processing on rubber mills.

Millathane® 55 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
732061Non-Black Sulfur Cured
612224Black, Peroxide Cured
982258Isocyanate Cured
802376Non-Black, Sulfur Cured
902396Non-Black, Sulfur Cured
522710Non-Filled, Peroxide Cured

Millathane® 76

Millathane® 76 is a polyester millable urethane having improved processing properties over a wide Mooney viscosity range. It has excellent damping properties that are useful in vibration control for automotive applications. O-rings, seals, and gaskets are often made from this compound because of its excellent oil and fuel resistance. It is comparable to nitrile in oil and fuel resistance but has better low-temperature properties and excellent ozone resistance.

Millathane® 76 can be used to replace conventional elastomers like natural rubber, nitrile, and EPDM. It possesses excellent abrasion resistance combined with toughness, low-temperature flexibility, ozone resistance, good damping, high tear strength, and good stress relaxation properties. It is a suitable choice in applications such as bushings, small copier rolls and bumpers, o-rings, hydraulic seals, belts, and solid tires.

Millathane® 76 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
40661Red Tester Pad
50666Black, Peroxide Cured Molding Compound
6060H M76 RollNon-Black (Red) Roller, Hot-Air Autoclave Cured
661593Black, Semi-Conductive Molding Compound
66612Black Molding Compound
75657Black Molding Compound
90706Non-Black Molding Compound

Millathane® 97

Millathane® 97 is designed for applications in shoe soling, roll coverings, and other applications where transparency in brightly colored or decorative products is required.  It’s a polyether millable urethane rubber having excellent wear properties, a high coefficient of friction, and very good UV stability.

Millathane® 97 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
351694Clear Molding Compound
471763Clear Molding Compound
652222Clear Shoe Sole Compound
721676Black Molding Compound
78708Black Molding Compound
91709Black Molding Compound

Millathane® 5004

Millathane® 5004 is a peroxide curable polyester millable urethane rubber. It has excellent processing characteristics and can be injection molded easily. In addition to excellent abrasion resistance, it has the highest stress-strain values of all peroxide cured polyurethanes. The cured stock has excellent tear strength, excellent low-temperature flexibility, and resistance to oxygen, ozone, fuels, and oils.

Millathane® 5004 Premillled Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
53952Non-Black Molding Compound
58570Non-Black ASTM D2000 M4BG62 8A14B14
67587Black Fuel Bladder
80700Non-Black Seal
8484H WheelBlack Tank Track/Wheel Starting Formula
91623Black Molding Compound

Millathane® CM

Millathane® CM is a sulfur or peroxide curable polyether millable polyurethane rubber with excellent physical properties and abrasion resistance. It also has good oil resistance and excellent low-temperature properties and is used for molded articles, rollers, and military and aircraft applications.

Millathane® CM Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
55631Black Hose Friction Compound
62-6840616Black/Non-Black Sulfur/Peroxide Cured High-Quality Molding
66697Black Belting Compound
73/74CM-LTGehman Torsional Modulus (With and Without DOS)
911798Non-Black, Peroxide Cured Molding Compound

Millathane® E34

Millathane® E34 is a high-performance polyether millable urethane rubber that has been developed for applications requiring high abrasion resistance, low-temperature flexibility, ozone resistance, oil and fuel resistance, outstanding hydrolytic stability, and improved processing. The compound also has high resilience (high rebound) characteristics.

Millathane® E34 Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
43150Non-Black Sulfur Cured Molding Compound
60E34-214ABlue Roller, Cured in Hot Air Autoclave
611731Shoe Sole, Non-Black, Excellent Abrasion Resistance
65155Non-Black Flame Retardant
74965Non-Black Molding Compound
80157Semi-Conductive Molding Compound
89154Gray/Black Roller

Millathane® HT Premilled

Millathane® HT is a polyester millable polyurethane that has excellent frictional properties for applications like rollers for paper handling. It can be processed and cured by use of conventional rubber manufacturing equipment and techniques to yield finished urethane rubber parts. Compounds prepared from Millathane® HT can be vulcanized with either sulfur or organic peroxide-based systems. It has excellent frictional characteristics with good heat aging and low-temperature flexibility. It also features a high abrasion resistance, excellent ozone, and weathering resistance, and good oil and fuel resistance. Millathane® HT Premilled contains 1.5 phr of a polycarbodiimide hydrolysis stabilizer (Millstab™ P).

Millathane® HT Premillled Technical Data

Hardness, Shore AID / LinkDescription
512294Non-Black, Sulfur Cured Molding Compound
65XP-3411Black, Sulfur Cured Compound
702141Black, Sulfur Cured Molding Compound
872307Black, Sulfur Cured Molding Compound
902303Non-Black, Peroxide Cured Compound

Millathane® UV

Millathane® UV is an ultra-violet curable millable polyurethane compound typically used with Millathane® 97, but other Grades can be used as well. Millable polyurethane extrusions can be continuously cured and products molded using UV light without the use of ovens, microwaves or salt bath units. (Patent Pending) These curable compounds can be extruded or calendered onto fabric or as an unsupported sheet and then continuously cured by passing them through a UV-curing conveyor belt chamber. Molded parts can be press-cured using special transparent molds to allow curing with UV light, or can be cured in a UV chamber. Time of irradiation varies with the nature and type of material, the type and concentration of other ingredients, and the type and power of the light source. They are great for extruding hollow tubing and other continuous shapes, such as bars, rods, L-channels, U-channels, square tubing, and the like.  It’s great for extruded protective covering over all types of cables, hoses, and protective conduit. Contact us for more information if you are interested in using this alternative curing system.

Millathane® UV Technical Data

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