Two new large batch reactors now online to meet growing specialty chemical tolling demand.

TSE Specialty Chemical Expansion Reactor 17-18

In response to a growing demand for reactive hot melt adhesives, prepolymers, and gel elastomers, TSE recognized the need to expand its production capabilities. To meet this increased demand, TSE decided to invest in two new reactors. With the addition of these reactors, TSE now has a total of 18 reactors of varying sizes, ranging from 120lbs to 64 drums.

The new reactors, known as reactors 17 and 18, have recently become operational and are capable of producing batches of 72 drums each. This expanded capacity allows TSE to better accommodate the rising demand for reactive hot melt adhesives in the market and other related products.

The improved capability of these new reactors is attributed to their larger size and motors, enabling them to handle larger batches. The process parameters, such as temperatures and mix speeds, are easily inputted into the programmable logic controller (PLC), which then maintains consistent levels throughout the batch process. Additionally, TSE ensures the high quality of its products by providing extensive training to its operators, ensuring adherence to the company’s quality

TSE Specialty Chemical Expansion Reactor 18