Celebrating American Heart Month

TSE Wears Red

TSE wears red for National Wear Red Day to raise awareness of heart disease.

February was about more than Valentine’s Day at TSE! We celebrated American Heart Month along with the American Heart Association to raise awareness in our community on heart disease and stroke. Team TSE started out the month strong with a steps challenge. Did you know that walking is one of the simplest ways to get and stay active?! This was an opportunity for the company to become aware of how active we are on a daily basis. With every step we take, we are all traveling further down a path to a healthier lifestyle. Our winner walked more than 600,000 steps this month, that’s over 300 miles! But we didn’t stop there!


On February 5th, the team took part in National Wear Red Day to start the dialogue on cardiovascular disease prevention. This was a day for us to share personal stories that connect us all to the mission of fighting heart disease. Everyone was sporting their red shirts, ties, shoes, and even face masks! Team TSE had such a fun time! In the spirit of the heart, we also thought about how we could help the hearts of those who are unsheltered and struggling during this pandemic. TSE decided to hold a “From the Heart” Pantry drive to benefit a community outreach program in Clearwater, FL, where we are located. We collected six tubs of non-perishable goods and personal hygiene items. It made a huge difference in our hearts to see less fortunate individuals shown a little bit of love.

This got us to thinking, what is at the heart of TSE? The answers? Polymers! As a matter of fact, we have a real passion for them!

The Heart of TSE

Specialty Chemicals

Manufacturing specialty CASE products every day from 16 active reactors.

When it comes to the heart of any company, it’s always rooted in its past, stitched throughout its history. The same is true for TSE Industries. What started as a small technical sales company evolved when it began manufacturing a new type of synthetic rubber called polyurethane. TSE was able the unlock its unique qualities, and as demand for the product grew, so did the company.

Fast forward to today, TSE remains at the forefront of polyurethane development. Being a full-service chemical provider, TSE handles all phases of production from raw materials through packaging and blind shipments of goods. As a global contract and toll manufacturer, it has supplied some of the world’s largest chemical providers.

Our applications are only as endless as your imagination; some uses are coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers. In fact, you can find different specialty chemicals in many of your everyday products. In industries such as automotive, commercial flooring, medical components, construction, and aerospace! For instance, vehicle manufacturing uses our reactive hot melt adhesives to bond their parts because of the sturdy yet flexible properties that our adhesive has that can withstand the wear and tear that those kinds of parts go through.

Throughout our nearly 60 years of testing and working with polymers, we have acquired a depth of knowledge that is unparalleled. It serves as a vessel for our “Passion For Polymers,” holding a special place in our hearts. That is why even today, we are always looking to expand and grow our manufacturing capabilities, adding more reactors, improving our techniques, and enhancing our technology, feeling the need to push the envelope further each time.

Our Heart “Stretches” out to Rubber, Too!

Millathane Millable Urethane

Preparing sheets of Millathane.

It was only natural that through its many years of research, a new polyurethane would be manufactured. By 1978, TSE started manufacturing and selling a complete line of millable urethane rubber called Millathane®. Early on, the demand was so great a new facility was built, solely for manufacturing this rubber! The reason for its success? It possessed a combination of physical properties not found in natural or other synthetic rubbers. These properties consist of abrasion resistance, high strength, low-temperature flexibility, ozone resistance, load-bearing ability, and gas permeability resistance. Millathane will have different properties depending on which cured compound is in them. These compounds are divided into two grades, polyether grades, which have better water and hydrolysis resistance, and polyester grades, which have better heat, oil, and compression set resistance.


With this much variation, not only does millable urethane have applications in different industries, the uses in those industries vary drastically from one another. For example, Millathane is utilized in military and aerospace industries for their airplane and helicopter parts, which require high abrasion resistance and good low-temperature properties. While in the shoe industry, Millathane has footwear functionality with abrasion resistance and wet and dry frictional properties. For a majority of these industries, Millathane is a key component and why they have continued to use it for so many years.

Today, TSE is the world’s authority and largest manufacturer of Millathane millable urethane rubber, never losing the principles that got us this far. Our “Passion For Polymers” keeps us researching for the next new polymer, keeps us testing our methods to find out what works best, and keeps us striving to always produce the best products for our customers. After all, polymers are at the very heart of TSE.

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