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Thanecure® Reactive Additives

Whether the fastest race car or the most modern conveyor line, both demand the maximum in strength and safety.  Tires and conveyor belts need the best rubber compound and reinforcing materials and also the best rubber-to-fabric promoter.  

Thanecure® T9 polyester-to-rubber adhesion promoter has been developed for the needs of high performance products so they keep performing through temperature extremes, fatigue, moisture and stress.  Premium tires and long lasting belts are only as good as their weakest link.  Make sure it isn't adhesion failure with Thanecure® T9 high performance polyester-to-rubber adhesion promoter.

Thanecure® T9SF (TDI Dimer)

Thanecure T9SF is the dimer of 2,4-toluene diisocyanate.  It is a polyfunctional isocyanate used primarily as a vulcanizing agent for polyurethane rubbers, as a crosslinker for heat-activated adhesive systems and as an adhesion promoter for rubber-to-fabric bonding.

Thanecure® ZM

Thanecure ZM is a cure activator for sulfur-cured Millathane® polyurethane rubber. Increasing the amount of Thanecure ZM increases the rate and state of cure and improves the compression set resistance.  Thanecure ZM is used to cure polyester, polyether, and other types of sulfur-curable polyurethane rubber.

For more information about Millathane® and Thanecure® products, please contact: Lynn Zylka at (727) 540-1358 or contact Lynn here.