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Millathane® 26

A polyether millable urethane for food contact (FDA) applications.

Millathane 26 is a polyether polyurethane rubber compliant with the United States Code of Federal Regulations*, Title 21 parts 177.1680 and 177.2600. This polyurethane rubber is designed for food contact applications such as belting, rollers, seals, gaskets, linings, socks, boots, lagging, curtains, and hoses. Millathane 26 is peroxide-curable only.

For more information about Millathane® and Thanecure® products, please contact: Lynn Zylka at (727) 540-1358 or contact Lynn here.


Millathane 26 is processed by techniques which are common to the rubber industry. Compounds can be mixed on an open mill or in an internal mixer; molded articles can be produced via compression, transfer or injection molding; calendered sheets can be press or rotocured.



Millathane 26 requires reinforcing fillers to achieve hardness and high mechanical strength. Reinforcing fillers like silica and small particle carbon black are easily incorporated into Millathane 26. It is peroxide-curable only, so peroxides such a dicumyl peroxide or DBPH are commonly used.



Vulcanizates based on Millathane 26 can be produced in hardnesses ranging from 45 to 90 Shore A, and offer excellent abrasion resistance, very good oil and fuel resistance and very good hydrolysis resistance.


Chemical type Polyether polyurethane
Color Pale to yellow
Physical form Solid bale or milled sheets
   Solid bale*: 38 lb (17.2 kg) carton
   Premilled sheets* 50 lb. (22.7 kg) carton
   *Bale wrap Strippable film (not meant to be incorporated into the compound)
Odor Faint, characteristic
Specific gravity 1.03
Mooney viscosity 30 – 60 ML(1+4)/100°C
Storage stability 3 years when stored under dry and cool conditions


Hardness range 45 – 95 Shore A
Tensile strength Up to 4000 psi, (27 MPa)
Tear strength Up to 275 lb/in (48 kN/m)
Compression set Fair/Good
Heat aging Fair/Good (100ºC)
Ozone resistance Excellent
Hydrolysis resistance Very Good
Oil & fuel resistance Good
Abrasion resistance Excellent
Resilience Up to 60%



Vulcanization Conditions

Compounds based on Millathane 26 are vulcanized at temperatures of 150º - 175ºC, depending on the peroxide used, with typical cure times of 5 to 20 minutes for compression molded lab sheets.


Formulation Example

(See the Millathane Formulary for other compound examples)

Millathane 26 100.0
Stearic Acid 0.3
Hi-Sil 243LD 25.0
TP-95 (DBEEA) 2.0
Struktol WB222 1.0
DiCup 40C 4.0
Cured Properties, press cure 11 min./160ºC
Hardness, Shore A 61
TSE-100*, MPa 1.1
TSE-200*, MPa 1.5
TSE-300*, MPa 2.3
Tensile Strength, MPa 23.4
Elongation at break, % 700
Tear Die C, kN/m 29.1

*TSE-XXX = Tensile Stress at XXX Elongation *To be compliant with the FDA regulation 21CFR 177.2600, articles made must be made from the lists of ingredients shown in that section of the Federal Register. Additionally, if the article will come in contact with aqueous or oily foods, water or hexane extractions, respectively, need to be done on the finished article. TSE Industries, Inc. makes no guarantees that the end article complies with any part of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. All testing, registrations, and final approvals must be made by the article’s manufacturer.

For more information contact: Nina Manee at (727) 540-1348 or contact Nina here.


Millathane® 26 Compounds
Hardness, Shore A ID/Link Description
50/55 (63/72 Asker C) XP6188C Non-Black Sponge/Foam Compounds, 0.59/0.73 g/cc density
52 813

Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA* / Food Handling

60 1684

Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA* / Food Handling

65 1685

Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA* / Food Handling

67 1686

Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA* / Food Handling

84 1683

Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound for FDA* / Food Handling

93 (40D) 1045 Non-Black Roll/Molding Compound (NOT for food handling)