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Reactor 15 Expands Capacity

Our NEW Reactor 15 is the same size and height as Reactor 14 and can churn out pound after flawless pound of reactive hot melt adhesives, pre-polymers and a wide range of other polymer products.

Reactor 15 is a 4,800 gallon, stainless steel jacketed thoroughbred that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art electronics, control systems, pumps, chillers, flow meters, and valves while providing unparalleled accuracy, consistency, reliability and performance.  

Reactor 15 has an integrated metering system for consistent dosing. Liquid addition and draw off lines are insulated and jacketed to maintain product integrity while integrated MDI and TDI delivery systems provide super-accurate measured doses. Drum off can be configured to accommodate 275-gal totes, 55-gal drums, and 5 gal pails.  An integrated wash system fills it at the touch of a button, removing waste through a sophisticated return system.

Shown here in its new home at TSE at the end of our line of reactors, with an elevator shared with Reactor 14, Reactor 15 has dramatically increased TSE's capacity to toll manufacture a wide range of polymers for our customers.    

Please call us today and let's talk about tolling your polymers for a great price, along with that great TSE on-time and on-spec performance.     

For More Information About Contract Manufacturing, contact: Fred Costello at 727-573-7676 or contact Fred here.