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Development, Scale-Up & Production

Your Contract Manufacturer of Choice. When it comes to toll manufacturing specialty chemicals, TSE is your contract manufacturer of choice.  Why?  Because we have the facilities, the people and the knowledge gained from decades of experience to take you from product development, to scale-up, to full production.  Whether it's just a few thousand pounds or millions, count on TSE to deliver, on-time, every time.  

Product Development.  Product development starts with listening to you.  What's your application?  What critical properties are you seeking? Most importantly, what's important to you?  Once we understand what you are looking for, we bring in our team of PhD Chemists and Engineers in our Development and Analytical Center, known as "DAC."  DAC is a World-class lab that performs product development and testing, as well as statistical process and quality control (SPC & SQC) for all products manfuactured by TSE, both in-process as well as final product testing. They'll keep tweaking, testing, adjusting, modifying, and tweaking again and again until you're happy.   



Scale-Up.  Scale-up is also performed by our Team in DAC.  DAC utilizes four sizes of glass scale-up reactors (5gal, 4L, 2L and 1L). Five additional sizes of 316 stainless steel, full vacuum, pressure-rated reactors are used for scale-up (500, 250, 25, 15 & 5 gallon).  They'll continue to tweak, adjust, change, modify and tweak again until your product is ready for full-scale production.   

Production.  Once your products are scaled-up and have passed our rigorous tests, and you have given your final approval, it's time to turn over Production to our highly skilled staff of Engineers and Chemical Operators.  They've got the decades of experience necessary to assure consistent, reliable, repeatable results from batch-to-batch, week after week, year after year, utilizing a sophisticated array of manufacturing equipment to get the job done.


Manufacturing Equipment:

  • Production Reactors: 4,800(2), 3,750(4), 1,500, 500(2), & 250Gal
  • All Reactors 316 Stainless Steel, Full Vacuum & Pressure Rated
  • Operate Under Closed Conditions
  • Charge from Bulk, Drum, Tote and Bags
  • In-line Filtration (10-800 micron) and Jacketed Draw-Off Lines
  • Complete Heating and Cooling Systems
  • NMP Process Cleaning System
  • Solvent Distillation/Recovery System


Shipping & Delivery.  Consistent, reliable deliveries, on-time, every time is what you expect, demand and deserve in your contract manufacturer.  That's exactly what you get with TSE from our dedicated staff of shipping and logistics professionals.  No excuses, just performance.  

TSE Contract Manufacturing.  Delivering Peace of Mind.™  

For more information about TSE Contract Manufacturing, contact:  Fred Costello at 727-573-7676 or contact Fred here.