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TSE-EcoWind® Polyurethane Resin for Filament Winding

The Super-Fast Alternative to Epoxy that Cuts Cure Time from 8 Hours to Just 1 Hour, Increases Production By Up to 800%, and Virtually Eliminates Resin Waste!   

tse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament winding

TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane resin cures in about an hour, so you can make 8 products in the time it takes to make just 1 now! (4 hrs with amine-cured epoxy). Think about that.

What would making 8 times the number of products in the same amount of time do to your bottom line?  Not only that, but making the change from your current epoxy resin to TSE-EcoWind polyurethane resin will give you a bunch of great benefits as well:

TSE-EcoWind Resin Offers You These Great Benefits: 

  • Increase Production Up To 800%! - Make up to 8 times the product in the same amount of time!
  • Reduce Labor Costs - With up to 8 times the production, you can reduce hours/staff and lower labor costs! 
  • Reduce Resin Costs - Our polyurethane resin costs less than your current epoxy resin!
  • Reduce Utilities - With a cure time of just 1 hour, you'll save about 7 hours of electricity or gas each cycle
  • No Catastrophic Failure - Unlike epoxy resin, there are no catastrophic failures with polyurethane resin. 
  • REACH Compliant - TSE-EcoSpray is REACH Compliant in the EU!
  • VOC, BPA and Styrene-Free! - No harmful or foul smelling odors!
  • No Title V Permit Required! - Eliminate government hassles!  
  • Environmentally Preferred Safe for the worker and the environment!
  • Reduce Waste - Our patented applicator, the TSE-EcoWinder™, reduces waste from ≈5% to just 0.25%!

Strong as Steel, Yet Lighter and Less Expensive. TSE-EcoWind resin system makes filament wound pipes as strong and versatile as steel, yet lighter and less expensive. Products produced with TSE-EcoWind composite resins are extremely resilient, long-lasting, routinely surpass the specifications of existing resin technologies, and have superior burst strength (Pressure vessels-1,250psi; Water Heaters-550psi).   Unlike epoxy, you will not experience catastrophic failures with polyurethane resins.  Using TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane resin on LPG and CNG tanks instead of epoxy makes them far stronger and much safer, giving you a HUGE marketing advantage.        

Environmentally Preferred.  TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane composite resins are environmentally preferred to polyester and epoxy resins. They're 100% solids, VOC, BPA and styrene-free, with ultra low emissions that eliminate the need for Title 5 permitting. TSE-EcoWind resins are safe for the fiberglass industry worker and end-user alike. 

A Drop-In Solution.  Just substitute our polyurethane resin for your current resin and you're ready to go.  It's a seamless transition from your styrene ester or epoxy resin to our polyurethane based resin. TSE-EcoWind polyurethane resins can be applied to reinforce thermoplastic substrates (i.e. polyethylene, ABS, etc.) or applied directly to a release coated mandrel surface.  

JEC award for innovationTSE-EcoWind Resins are available for the following applications:

  • P200G for Pipes and Piping Systems
  • T211 for Pressure Vessels, Pool Filters and Water Softeners
  • M110 for Water Heaters and other Filament Wound Products   

TSE-EcoWind polyurethane resins can be tailored to optimize physical and mechanical properties for your application. Click the link and see our filament winding demonstration video on YouTube.


TSE-EcoWind® Resin.  Super-Fast.  VOC-Free.

For more information on TSE-EcoWind, contact:  Mark D'Souza at (727) 540-1306 or contact Mark here.

tse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament windingtse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament windingtse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament winding