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TSE-EcoWind® Polyurethane Resin for Filament Winding

The Super-Fast Alternative to Epoxy that Cuts Cure Time from 8 Hours to Just 1 Hour, Increases Production By Up to 800%, and Virtually Eliminates Resin Waste!  

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tse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament winding

TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane resin cures in about an hour, so you can make 8 products in the time it takes to make just 1 now! (4 hrs with amine-cured epoxy). Think about that.

What would making 8 times the number of products in the same amount of time do to your bottom line?  Not only that, but making the change from your current epoxy resin to TSE-EcoWind polyurethane resin will give you a bunch of great benefits as well:

TSE-EcoWind Resin Offers You These Great Benefits: 

  • Increase Production Up To 800%! - Make up to 8 times the product in the same amount of time!
  • Reduce Labor Costs - With up to 8 times the production, you can reduce hours/staff and lower labor costs! 
  • Reduce Resin Costs - Our polyurethane resin costs less than your current epoxy resin!
  • Reduce Utilities - With a cure time of just 1 hour, you'll save about 7 hours of electricity or gas each cycle
  • No Catastrophic Failure - Unlike epoxy resin, there are no catastrophic failures with polyurethane resin. 
  • REACH Compliant - TSE-EcoSpray is REACH Compliant in the EU!
  • VOC, BPA and Styrene-Free! - Non-toxic, recyclable, styrene-free alternative to fiberglass! 
  • No Title V Permit Required! - Eliminate government hassles!  
  • Environmentally Preferred Safe for the worker and the environment!
  • Reduce Waste - Our patented applicator, the TSE-EcoWinder™, reduces waste from ≈5% to just 0.25%!

Strong as Steel, Yet Lighter and Less Expensive. TSE-EcoWind resin system makes filament wound pipes as strong and versatile as steel, yet lighter and less expensive. Products produced with TSE-EcoWind composite resins are extremely resilient, long-lasting, routinely surpass the specifications of existing resin technologies, and have superior burst strength (Pressure vessels-1,250psi; Water Heaters-550psi).   Unlike epoxy, you will not experience catastrophic failures with polyurethane resins.  Using TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane resin on LPG and CNG tanks instead of epoxy makes them far stronger and much safer, giving you a HUGE marketing advantage.        

Environmentally Preferred.  TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane composite resins are environmentally preferred to polyester and epoxy resins. They're 100% solids, VOC, BPA and styrene-free, with ultra low emissions that eliminate the need for Title 5 permitting. TSE-EcoWind resins are non-toxic and recyclable.  They're safe for the fiberglass industry worker and end-user alike. 

BPA a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC).  The key ingredient of epoxy resin systems, BPA, has been included by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in the Candidate List for authorization as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC).  This action was based on proposals by France, Sweden, Germany and Austria, following the SVHC identification process.  ECHA is an agency of the European Union which manages the technical, scientific and administrative aspects of the implementation of the European Union regulation commonly known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).   

A Drop-In Solution.  Just substitute our polyurethane resin for your current resin and you're ready to go.  It's a seamless transition from your styrene ester or epoxy resin to our polyurethane based resin. TSE-EcoWind polyurethane resins can be applied to reinforce thermoplastic substrates (i.e. polyethylene, ABS, etc.) or applied directly to a release coated mandrel surface.  

JEC award for innovationTSE-EcoWind Resins are available for the following applications:

  • P200G for Pipes and Piping Systems
  • T211 for Pressure Vessels, Pool Filters and Water Softeners
  • M110 for Water Heaters and other Filament Wound Products   

TSE-EcoWind polyurethane resins can be tailored to optimize physical and mechanical properties for your application. Click the link and see our filament winding demonstration video on YouTube.


TSE-EcoWind® Resin.  Super-Fast.  VOC-Free.

For more information on TSE-EcoWind, contact:  Chip Dantzic at (727) 540-1310 or contact Chip here.

tse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament windingtse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament windingtse-ecowind polyurethane resin for filament winding