Duro-Glide® UHMW-PE

From truck bed and equipment liner sheets to commercial cutting boards and airboat bottoms, UHMW-PE sheets has a product that will meet your needs.

Duro-Glide® UHMW-PE Sheets

We have been manufacturingDuro-Glide®UHMW-PE sheets since 2002.Each sheet is proudly blended and pressed in America at our 60,000-square-foot facility in Clearwater, FL. We offer our industry-standard VirginColored sheets, as well as our Enhanced sheets thatare blended with special additives forantistatic, antimicrobial and high temperature resistance.

We have high-speed mixers utilizing dry and liquid formulations, allowing us to compound unique UHMW blends for virtually every application. All of our UHMW polyethylene sheet formulations are available in a wide variety of colors, and custom formulations are always an option. We’re happy to custom-blend to get the right properties for your most demanding UHMWPE sheet applications.

Duro-Glide® Virgin Color UHMW sheets are our standard grade of UHMW-PE sheets. They have a molecular weight of 3-5 million and are offered in 13 FDA compliant colors as well as custom colors for special branding projects.

Industries Served: Conveyor, Machine Construction, Food

Thickness Available: ¼ inch up to 4 inches

Sheet Sizes: 32″, 48″ x 120″and 120″, 160″, 240″ x 80″

Color Options:

Technical Data

Duro-Glide®Virgin ColorsProduct Information Technical Data Sheet

Duro-Glide® Virgin Colors (Natural)Product Information Technical Data Sheet

DuroDuro-Glide® Reprocessed UHMW sheets are made from recycled UHMW-PE, have similar properties as Virgin UHMW-PE, and are highly economical. They are excellent for general purpose, non-FDA applications.

Black Omniblend Reprocessed consists of multi-colored particles of finely reground UHMW. Duro-Glide Black Monoblend Reprocessed is made exclusively from reground black and natural UHMW to yield a sheet with very few specks of other colors visible in the black. Green Reprocessed sheets are popular with packaging and agriculture conveyors. Other colors can be made special order.

Industries Served: Fender Pads, Outrigger Pads, Marine, Packaging, Agriculture

Thickness Available: ¼ inch up to 4 inches

Sheet Sizes: 32″, 48″ x 120″ and 120″, 160″, 240″ x 80″

Color Options:

Technical Data

Duro-Glide® ReprocessedProduct Information Technical Data Sheet

Our Duro-Glide® Enhanced UHMW-PE sheets are blended with special additives that improve the wear/abrasion properties above standard UHMW. These sheets have a molecular weight of 7-9 million. Special applications can be made for antimicrobial, metal detectable, FDA wear enhanced, ultra-low friction, and color combo sheets.

Industries Served: Chutes and Hoppers,Truck Liners,Bakery and/or Food, Packaging, Chemicals, Cement, Gypsum, Conveyor, Mining, Paper, Agriculture, Filtration

Thickness Available: ¼ inch up to 4 inches

Sheet Sizes: 32″, 48″ x 120″ and 120″, 160″, 240″ x 80″

Additives Options: Internal Lubrication, Impact and Wear Resistant, High Heat Resistant, Antimicrobial, Antistatic, Combo Coloring

Color Options:

Technical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedRed HT Technical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedWhite Hi TempTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedHi Temp Wear GrayTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedRedTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedYellowTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedBlue WearTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedGF GreenTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedGray SolidTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedGray PremiumTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedBrownTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedBlue WeldableTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedDry Glide AntistaticTechnical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedAntistatic Technical Data

Duro-Glide® EnhancedAntimicrobialTechnical Data

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