With nearly 60 years of experience in the world of polymers, we understand the ins and outs of the industry and have a tremendous passion for what we do. As 2020 began, we found ourselves in the grips of a pandemic and quickly discovered that our clients, partners, and future customers were unable to travel to us. Without being able to make the trek to sunny Florida to see our facilities or speak with our reps, we decided to take a virtual tour of TSE Industries to you! We have created a short, 3-minute video that tells the story of how TSE began, showcases the four core disciplines that we focus on, and gives you an idea of how our facilities operate.

Take this virtual tour with us as we share how Walter and Helen Klingel started TSE in the early 1960s with the final remaining dollars in their bank account to the third generation of Klingels creating a global manufacturer of specialty CASE products, polyurethane elastomers, engineered plastic fabricated parts and molded and extruded rubber components.

Whatever your reasons for delaying your trip to see us, we hope you will take a brief break so we can come to you! Whether you are a current client or you’re contemplating a partnership with us, welcome to TSE Industries!