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Millathane® Millable Polyurethane Rubber and Thanecure® Reactive Additives


millathane millable polyurethane

Millathane® Millable Polyurethane. The Polymer of Choice When Performance Matters. 

Millathane® millable polyurethane is THE polymer of choice for demanding applications requiring superior abrasion resistance and mechanical strength as well as oil and ozone resistance.

Millable polyurethane rubbers (millable gums) are solid polymers that can be processed on internal mixers (Banbury® mixers) & rubber mills. Millathane® is sold in bales rather than pellets for ease of processing on rubber mills. The properties of millable urethanes are similar to castable (liquid) urethanes, which require different processing equipment and molding techniques.   

Millable polyurethane rubbers are made from either polyester or polyether polyols, reacting them with diisocyanates such as MDI and TDI, typically also with a chain extender. A different stoichiometry is used for millable polyurethane than for castable (liquid) polyurethanes, to make them solid rubber materials that can be processed like other types of rubber. 

TSE: The World's Authority on Millable Polyurethane.  TSE is the world's authority on millable polyurethane. We're the world’s largest manufacturer of millable urethane rubber, sold under the tradename, Millathane®.  We've been working with millable urethanes since 1962 and producing Millathane® millable urethanes since 1976. We've got the world's top experts on millable polyurethane on staff.  We've got thousands of formulas available!  One may be perfect for your application.  

Millathane® Makes The Grade.  There are ten different grades of Millathane polyurethane, each one possessing key properties and characteristics that make it just right for your particular application. Check out our Formulary and Technical Information pages to get a better idea of which Millathane® millable polyurethane grade is right for you.  Click on the Brochure below to download a copy right now or to have us rush you your copy.

A Word About Knock-Offs.  There are cheaper rubbers and "knock-offs" out there you can use if high quality and superior performance don't matter. However, if you're looking for a urethane with superior properties and performance for your most demanding applications, and the ability to speak directly with a world-class expert who can handle any question you can throw at them, then Millathane® millable polyurethane is your polymer and TSE is your company. We don't just sell rubber, we sell knowledge.      

Generally, millable gums are under-indexed urethanes, meaning that there is a stoichiometric deficiency of isocyanate groups compared to hydroxyl groups in the overall reaction (NCO:OH ratio is less than 1.0). Liquid (castable) urethanes have a slight excess of isocyanate groups. Being under-indexed results in the need for millable urethanes to be vulcanized by peroxide or sulfur cure systems.

Thanecure® Reactive Additives.  Like other synthetic rubbers, cure sites must be present to radically cure with peroxide or sulfur. Cure sites can be accomplished by using MDI as the isocyanate or by introducing carbon-carbon double bonds in the chain extender. Thus, vulcanization can be accomplished with heat and pressure utilizing sulfur or peroxide cure systems. An important part of the sulfur cure system is the accelerator Thanecure® ZM, used along with MBTS, MBT and sulfur.

Millathane® Millable Polyurethane.  The Polymer of Choice When Performance Matters.

For more information about Millathane® and Thanecure® products, please contact:  Lynn Zylka at 727-573-7676 or contact Lynn here.

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