Custom Rubber Extrusions

At TSE, we can extrude standard profiles with ease, plus we are capable of extruding custom profiles that match your specific application. Our rubber extrusion knowledge covers a wide variety of industries with decades of knowledge in choosing the proper product for every application.

We are capable of manufacturing up to 150′ coils in certain profiles, such as for gaskets, where the integrity of the profile is not a key part of the user’s application. Where integrity is of importance and profile memory is key, we offer up to 15′ straight cut lengths in all profiles.

Custom 3D Style Rubber Extrusion Baggage Bumpers
Industries Served Using Rubber Extruded Products
Poultry (Processing) Furniture/Textiles Door/Window Manufacturing (Glazing)
Food (Bakery, Canning) Aviation (Baggage Handling) Beverage (Bottling)

Standard Rubber Extrusions Details

Our rubber extrusions are created with a Davis-Standard extruder. This state-of-the-art rubber extruder produces profiles that are highly accurate and maintain tight tolerances, allowing us to offer a superior extruded product, on-time, and within specifications. We are also able to scale-up production, so whether you have a small run application or long-term needs, we can fulfill your requirements.

Standard polymers include EPDM, Neoprene and Nitrile. Millathane® and natural rubber are also available. All are available in a hardness range from 40 to 80 Shore A (durometer).

Duro Grip Rubber Grippers

We also stock a wide variety of Durogrip™ extruded rubber conveyor grippers in our standard profiles. Most are available with same or next-day shipment.

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