Durogrip™ Rubber Conveyor Grippers

Durogrip™ thermoset rubber conveyor grippers are devices used in many conveyor systems to “grip” items as they travel along a production line. Our grippers work by utilizing friction between the rubber surface and the item being conveyed. As the conveyor moves, the rubber surface grips the item and moves it along the conveyor line. The grippers can be designed to work with a variety of products, from small components like those found in the food and beverage industry to larger products such as those seen in the automotive sector.

Reinforced with a proprietary, high-aspect-ratio mineral composition, Durogrip™ thermoset rubber conveyor grippers are extremely tough and tear-resistant. They also complement our UHMW chain track performance with high cut and abrasion resistance, good compression set, and excellent heat resistance. They provide uniform pressure distribution and minimize adjustment requirements. 

One of the key benefits of Durogrip™ thermoset rubber conveyor grippers is their versatility. With 7 standard profiles, our grippers can be utilized with a wide range of item shapes and sizes, allowing for efficient and reliable transportation of goods. Additionally, our rubber grippers are durable and long-lasting, with the ability to withstand heavy use and harsh manufacturing environments with excellent resistance to aqueous cleaning, disinfecting fluids, and peracetic acid.

Another benefit of Durogrip™ rubber conveyor grippers is their cost-effectiveness. They can be easily integrated into existing conveyor systems, reducing the need for costly modifications or upgrades. They also require minimal maintenance and are relatively low in cost compared to other types of gripper systems.

Choosing Durogrip™ rubber conveyor grippers means your production line will spend more time operational and generating money and less time down with maintenance replacing worn-out parts.

Industries Served

Bottlers, Canning, Food Processing, Breweries, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Paper & Package Products

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  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • High Cut Resistance
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Good Compression Set
  • Aqueous Cleaning Fluid Resistant
  • Disinfecting Fluid Resistant
  • Peracetic Acid Resistant
  • Uniform Pressure Distribution
  • Increased Tear Strength
  • Increased Tensile Strength


  • Hardness range (+/-5) 35 to 70 Shore A (Durometer)
  • Formulations can be made for extrusion or injection molding
  • Lengths from 1″ to 3-3/8″, custom lengths available
  • FDA compliant versions


  • Neoprene
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Nitrile
  • Millathane® Millable Urethane
  • Natural Rubber

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    Available in all materials
    Available in all materials
  • BLUE
    Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM
    Available on Request

Standard Durogrip™ Profiles

Seven standard profiles are available. Standard length is 3-3/8″ but all profiles are available in 1″ up to 3-3/8″. Standard polymers include EPDM, Neoprene, and Nitrile. Millathane® and natural rubber are also available. All formulations are available for use in the extrusion or injection molding process.

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Durogrip Conveyor Gripper Profile D Style

D Style

Part Number: 12967
Standard Length: 3-3/8″

Durogrip Conveyor Gripper Profile 3-Finger

3 Finger

Part Number: 12970
Standard Length: 3-3/8″

Durogrip Conveyor Gripper Profile Soft Touch

Soft Touch™

Part Number: 12983
Standard Length: 3-3/8″

Durogrip Conveyor Gripper Profile Mini 3-Finger

Mini 3 Finger

Part Number: 12979
Standard Length: 1-1/4″

Durogrip Conveyor Gripper Profile Square Top

Square Top

Part Number: 12968
Standard Length: 3-3/8″

Durogrip Conveyor Gripper Profile 4-Finger

4 Finger

Part Number: 12981
Standard Length: 3-3/8″

Long Finger

Part Number: 12989
Standard Length: 3-3/8″

Custom Durogrip™ Grippers

Not seeing a profile, color, material, or length that meets your needs? Contact us and share what it is you are looking for. We are sure we can come up with a gripper that suits your application!

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