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Millathane® HT Premilled*

A Sulfur and Peroxide Curable Polyester Millable Polyurethane

Millathane HT is a polyester millable polyurethane which has excellent frictional properties for applications such as rollers for paper handling applications. MILLATHANE HT can be processed and cured by use of conventional rubber manufacturing equipment and techniques to yield finished urethane rubber parts. Compounds prepared from MILLATHANE HT can be vulcanized with either sulfur or organic peroxide based systems. MILLATHANE HT has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent frictional characteristics
  • Good heat aging characteristics
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent ozone and weathering resistance
  • Oil and fuel resistance
  • Processing ease

For more information about Millathane® and Thanecure® products, please contact: Lynn Zylka at (727) 540-1358 or contact Lynn here.


Chemical typePolyester polyurethane
Color Pale to dark amber
Physical formMilled sheets
OdorFaint, characteristic
Specific gravity1.12
Mooney viscosity, ML(1+4)/100°C) 50 – 65
Storage stability1 year when stored under dry and cool conditions


Hardness range 45 – 90 Shore A
Tensile strength Up to 4500 psi, (31 MPa)
Elongation Good
Low temperature propertiesAs low as -75ºF (-59ºC) brittle point
Heat aging resistanceVery good
Ozone and weathering resistanceExcellent
Oil & fuel resistanceExcellent
Abrasion resistanceGood-Excellent
Tear strength Good
Resilience 20 to 40%

* Millathane HT Premilled contains 1.5 phr of a polycarbodiimide hydrolysis stabilizer (Millstab™ P).


Millathane® HT Premilled* Compounds
Hardness, Shore A ID/Link Description
51 2294

Non-Black, Sulfur Cured Molding Compound

70 2141-2144

Black, Sulfur Cured Molding Compound

87 2307

Black, Sulfur Cured Molding Compound

90 2303

Non-Black Peroxide Cured Compound