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Millathane® - Superior Rubber. Superior Performance.



Millathane® millable polyurethane™ rubber is the material of choice when making abrasion and oil resistant parts without the need to use the techniques or equipment required for cast or thermoplastic polyurethanes. Applications for millable polyurethane include:

Rollers and Belting

Millathane millable urethanes are widely used in rubber rollers because of their excellent combination of abrasion resistance, oil resistance and resistance to glazing, so they retain their coefficient of friction as they age. This is important for rollers and belts in paper and currency handling applications, such as ATM rollers. Several grades that are often used in rollers are Millathane E34, Millathane 55Millathane 5004, and Millathane 76.

Medical Applications

The strength properties of urethanes, including tensile strength and abrasion resistance, make it useful for critical applications for (non-implantable) medical devices. Millathane grades that find use in this application area include Millathane 76, Millathane E34 and Millathane 26.

Military and Aeronautical Applications

Many rubber applications in military and aerospace, including parts on airplanes and helicopters, require the high abrasion resistance of Millathane millable urethanes along with very good low temperature properties. Millathane CM and Millathane E40 are two Millathane grades that are excellent for both abrasion resistance and low temperature properties and are commonly used in these applications.

Electronics Applications

Wear resistance, excellent frictional characteristics and ozone resistance make Millathane  urethanes the polymer of choice for applications such as keypads, belts and rollers. Grades used for these applications include Millathane 5004, Millathane 66 and Millathane 97.


The excellent abrasion resistance of Millathane E34 makes it desirable for tough footwear applications, especially in the sporting shoe industry. The good wet and dry frictional properties of millable urethanes make it ideal for shoe soles.

The transparency of Millathane 97 is the reason it has been used in transparent footwear applications for over 20 years and in the greatest basketball shoes of all time!  Download our Millathane Footwear Brochure here.

Oil and Fuel Resistant Applications

Polyester grades of Millathane millable urethanes are widely used in o-rings, gaskets and seals, where superior resistance to petroleum based oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids is important. Millathane grades used for oil resistant applications include Millathane 5004, Millathane 66, Millathane 76 and Millathane HT.

Industrial Tires

The abrasion resistance of Millathane millable urethanes, coupled with their excellent oil resistance and frictional characteristics, make them the choice for specialty industrial tires that require these properties. Millathane grades that are used in this application include Millathane 76 and Millathane E34.

For more information about Millathane® and Thanecure® products, please contact:  Lynn Zylka at 727-573-7676 or contact Lynn here.