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Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer Sheet

airboat polymer uhmw sheetsProtect the bottom of your airboat and your investment with the highest performing airboat polymer blend you can buy, Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer Sheet.

Gatorback Airboat Polymer sheets are made from UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), famous for great impact and wear resistance. Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer sheets are formulated to withstand the extreme wear and tear of Florida's swamps and marshlands and will protect your investment from scratches, rocks, sawgrass, and razor sharp oyster beds.gatorback sheet alligator logo

Gatorback Airboat Polymer sheet is light weight "Body Armor" to protect your aluminum or fiberglass hull. It's easy to install. Just heat it up and bend it around your hull for the perfect fit. No welding necessary! Gatorback's slick UHMW polymer surface will help guide your boat safely and efficiently while protecting your hull and extending its life.

Check out our various sheet colors and sizes for your Airboat or Jetboat hull needs:

  • 80" x 240" (upon request)
  • 80" x 160" (standard)
  • 80" x 120" (standard)
  • 48" x 120" (standard)

Thicknesses: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” or 1/2”

Available in Black, Gray, and our High Performance GXP.

airboat polymer uhmw sheetsairboat polymer uhmw sheetsairboat polymer uhmw sheets    





"I use Gatorback UHMW polymer on my airboat and it holds up wonderfully. I fish the Gulf Coast and its connecting rivers. It protects and strengthens my hull as I cross oyster beds to get to my favorite fishing holes. I'm a firm believer in using this product." - Neal Raven, Airboat Owner

TSE-OK logoWe're the leader in specially blended airboat polymer.  Use Gatorback™ Airboat Polymer sheet for improved performance and a smooth ride on the toughest surfaces. Everglades Tested. Gator-Tuff!

For more information contact: Phil Lamb at (727) 456-2872 or contact Phil here.