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Rubber Extrusions

rubber extrusionsWe can extrude virtually any custom profile for your rubber extrusion application. We have worked on rubber extrusion projects for a wide variety of industries including poultry, furniture, door and window manufacturing (glazing), bottling, canning and bakery applications.

Our Engineered Polymers Division (EPD) operates a Davis Standard Cold Feed Thermoset Extruder. This state-of-the-art rubber extruder produces custom profiles for the food, beverage and airport baggage handling industries, just to name a few applications. It is highly accurate and maintains tight tolerances, producing superior extruded products, on-time and within specifications.


rubber extrusionsThis extruder is capable of dramatically increased production runs. Thanks to this increased capacity, we now stock a wide variety of extruded rubber parts like rubber conveyor grippers, ready for same-day or next-day shipment. Of course, we are always ready to take on your custom rubber extrusion projects.  Call us today and let us quote your next project.

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