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Cast Urethane Parts

Cast urethane parts are a specialty of TSE. We can manufacture virtually any type of cast urethane part to near net shape profiles. Cast urethane offers a longer service life compared to metal or plastic. The hardness of cast urethane parts varies from very soft to rock-like. Some types of cast urethane can be approved for FDA food contact applications. Cast urethane parts are generally lightweight, highly abrasion and impact resistant, can vary in coefficient of friction, and have excellent oil, ozone and radiation resistance.

Cast urethane parts are often used in oil and gas exploration, printing, textiles, construction, agriculture, mining, packaging, automotive, material handling, food and beverage as well as currency and ATM applications.

We offer you the option of low-cost, low pressure tooling as well as limited productions runs. If you’re in a hurry, our rapid prototyping 3D printer is at your service to expedite your job. We can develop custom formulations to enhance the physical properties required by your application utilizing our decades of experience in polymer chemistry.

TSE has a dedicated cast urethane work center with automated cast urethane production equipment, utilizing the very latest lean manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques.  

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