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Chain Tracks and Neck Guides

Chain tracks and neck guides are a specialty of TSE. Our skilled technicians have decades of experience creating custom conveyor components to keep industry moving. We press the UHMW sheet right here in our UHMW Sheet Division and turn it into a wide variety of conveyor components. 

We extrude our Durogrip™ conveyor grippers on site in our Engineered Polymers Division. We machine your material of choice right here in our own machine shop. We've got the CNC machining capability to take on your most challenging projects and to maintain your tightest tolerances.

We're your one-stop-shop for conveyor components, like our famous "Red-Neck" and our "Pineapple Express" bottle neck guide pictured to the left.          

For more information, please contact: Martin Hine at (727) 540-1254 or e-mail Martin here.