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TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate) Pre-Polymers

While other contract manufacturers shy away from making products using Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI), TSE embraces the challenge. TSE is a contract manufacturer with decades of experience in the safe handling of TDI. Products made using TDI include cast elastomers, cast urethane, surface coatings, and TDI pre-polymers.

Our highly skilled contract manufactuing team brings its considerable expertise to bear, utilizing this extremely useful chemical safely and efficiently to accomplish the mission for our customers. 

At TSE, we go to great lengths to carefully utilize the benefits of TDI, a potentially dangerous, yet essential chemical. Our experienced Chemical Operators undergo rigorous training regarding TDI, including its proper handling and usage. It's just another way that our people make hard things look easy, every day.

So, if you've been having trouble finding an experienced and reliable contract manufacturer to make your TDI based pre-polymers, look no further. Trust the experienced contract manufacturing team at TSE to make hard things look easy for you!

For more information about Contract Manufacturing of your TDI Pre-Polymers, contact:  Fred Costello at 727-573-7676 or contact Fred here.