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Ask Professor Polymer

Colin Fernandes is "Professor Polymer."  Who says so? Over 50 years of experience as a Chemical Engineer in the polymer industry.

He's seen it all and can handle any challenge you can throw at him. He's what separates TSE from so many of our competitors: Depth of knowledge and decades of experience. There is no substitute.

Colin is a walking encyclopedia of polymers.  He's our "Go-To Guy" when a customer needs technical support in our Engineered Polymers Division (EPD).  If you need to know what the best material and process is for a particular polymer application, he's your man.  And if you want to dramatically increase the life of your polymer products, ask the good Professor about TSE's proprietary TK Pulp™ additive.  

Colin is knowledgeable in the area of product compliance, including FDA, USDA, REACH, RoHS, Conflict Materials, MIL Specs, AMS Specs, SAE and other material specifications.  

If you've got a difficult application and want to discuss the challenges with a true "master of elastomers", call Professor Polymer and get the answers you seek today.

Contact Professor Polymer today at 727-573-7676 or e-mail him here.