TSE-EcoSpray® Bio Foam - The Biobased Rigid Foam Solution

A USDA Certified Biobased Product Under the BioPreferred® Program.

TSE-EcoSpray® Bio Foam is our biobased, rigid polyurethane spray-applied foam system used to reinforce, insulate and fill voids in baths and hot tub spas. It's an environmentally preferable product without the additional cost!  TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam is applied using standard industry spray equipment.  It’s 1:1 by volume, so application is quick and easy. 

TSE-EcoSpray Biobased insulating and support foams are made from renewable natural oils, forming a key component of sustainable design.  TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam is Sage Green in color as a reminder that it will help drive spa sales to Green-minded consumers. Our innovative, biobased urethane spray foam is a USDA Certified Biobased Product under the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's BioPreferred® Program. 

TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foams are a true "drop in" replacement for existing petroleum based urethane.  TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam rigid polyurethane foam systems are available in four different densities, allowing you to tailor the foam system to your particular application:

Our two higher density rigid foam systems, available in 6 pcf (TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam 6.0-S) or 4 pcf (TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam 4.0-S), are ideal when extra reinforcement is needed in those hard-to-reach places under a substrate.  Our two lower density rigid foam systems, available in either 2 pcf (TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam 2.0-S) or 0.5 pcf (TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam 0.5-S), are excellent, economical void fillers and offer additional insulation.   

TSE-EcoSpray® Bio Foam offers you these great benefits:  

  • USDA Certified Biobased Product!
  • Environmentally preferable product at no additional cost!
  • Use rapidly renewable natural oils!
  • A drop-in solution, due to its unchanged properties!
  • Drive sales from Green-minded consumers!
  • Quick and easy application since they’re 1:1 by volume!
  • Use standard spray equipment for application!
  • Four different foam densities for varying applications!
  • Very cost-effective!
  • No need for Title V Permits!

TSE-EcoSpray Bio Foam rigid polyurethane foam can be used in conjunction with our VOC-free, environmentally preferred, TSE-EcoSpray® polyurethane spray elastomer resin systems that stick to acrylic.   

For more information on TSE-EcoSpray® Bio Foam, contact: Chip Dantzic at (727) 540-1310 or contact Chip here.