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TSE-EcoSpray® & TSE-EcoWind® Polyurethane Composite Resins for Fiberglass Structures & Filament Winding

polyurethane composite resins for filament winding

Increase Production by 400-800% While Increasing Your Profit With Our Super-Fast Curing, Environmentally Preferable Resin!  No Title V Permit Required! 

The cure time for our TSE-EcoSpray® resin for bath reinforcement is just 15 minutes vs. traditional resins that take about 1 hour, increasing your production by 400%!  The cure time for our TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane resin for filament winding is super-fast too, curing in just 1 hour vs. traditional anhydride based epoxy resins that take 8 hours to cure, increasing your production by up to 800%!

JEC Innovation Award Winning Polyurethane Resin   

Our TSE-EcoSpray 550C Bio-based polyurethane resin won the JEC Americas 2014 Innovation Award.  Just last year, our TSE-EcoWind® Resin System for Filament Winding won the JEC Americas 2013 Innovation Award in the "Green Solutions" category.  That's back-to-back Innovation Awards from JEC Americas, the most respected name in Composites. We take this as independent confirmation that our TSE-EcoSpray® and TSE-EcoWind® are exactly what we say, namely revolutionary, environmentally preferable polyurethane resin systems for composites that do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) like styrene or biohazards like BPA.  

Styrene "Reasonably Anticipated to be a Human Carcinogen."  On July 28, 2014, the National Research Council on the National Academies (NRC) published a Report titled "Review of the Styrene Assessment in the National Toxicology Program 12th Report on Carcinogens."  The Report, prepared by a panel of scientists, states "compelling evidence exists to support a listing of styrene as, at a minimum, reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen."  The time to switch to safe, environmentally preferable alternatives is NOW!

Costs Less Than Epoxy Resin, Yet Offers Superior Properties!  

TSE's polyurethane composite resin systems cost about 20% less than epoxy and vinyl ester solutions and provide better physical, mechanical and thermal properties. TSE provides complete VOC-Free and BPA-Free turnkey solutions, including technology, product and processes (Filament Winding, Spray-Up, RTM, Casting) to make your conversion from epoxy to our composite resin systems virtually seamless.  Since our resin contains no VOC's, solvents or styrene, there's no need for Title V permitting! 

polyurethane resins for bath and spa reinforcementTSE's Composite Technology Solutions include:

TSE-EcoWind®:  Our Award winning, high performance filament winding thermoset composite resin system. To learn more, Click Here.

TSE-EcoWinder™ Resin Applicator:  Our Award winning, patented resin applicator, the TSE-EcoWinder™, reduces waste from about 5% to just 0.25%, saving you BIG MONEY!  (Award for Composites Excellence, October, 2014, CAMX Orlando).

TSE-EcoSpray®:  A line of Thermoset Composite Resin Systems for: Hot Tub Spas, Bath Products and the EPS Coating Industry.   

TSE-EcoSpray® Bio:  Rigid bio-based polyurethane spray-applied rigid foam to reinforce, insulate and fill voids in hot tub spas and baths.  Click Here.

For more information on the TSE-EcoWind® Filament Winding Polyurethane Resin System, please contact:  Mark D'Souza at (727) 540-1306 or contact Mark here.

For more information on TSE-EcoSpray® Polyurethane Resins, please contact: Chip Dantzic at (727) 540-1310 or contact Chip here.