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TSE-EcoSpray® & TSE-EcoWind® Polyurethane Composite Resins for Fiberglass Structures & Filament Winding

polyurethane composite resins for filament winding

Increase Production by 400-800% While Increasing Your Profit With Our Super-Fast Curing, Environmentally Preferable Resin!  No Title V Permit Required! 

The cure time for our TSE-EcoSpray® resin for bath reinforcement is just 15 minutes vs. traditional resins that take about 1 hour, increasing your production by 400%!  The cure time for our TSE-EcoWind® polyurethane resin for filament winding is super-fast too, curing in just 1 hour vs. traditional anhydride based epoxy resins that take 8 hours to cure, increasing your production by up to 800%!  

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JEC Innovation Award Winning Polyurethane Resin   

Our TSE-EcoSpray 550C Bio-based polyurethane resin won the JEC Americas 2014 Innovation Award. Our TSE-EcoWind® Resin System for Filament Winding won the JEC Americas 2013 Innovation Award in the "Green Solutions" category.  That's back-to-back Innovation Awards from JEC Americas, the most respected name in Composites. We take this as independent confirmation that our TSE-EcoSpray® and TSE-EcoWind® are exactly what we say, namely revolutionary, environmentally preferable polyurethane resin systems for composites that do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) like styrene or biohazards like BPA. They're non-toxic, recyclable, styrene-free alternatives to fiberglass. 

Styrene "Reasonably Anticipated to be a Human Carcinogen."  On July 28, 2014, the National Research Council on the National Academies (NRC) published a Report titled "Review of the Styrene Assessment in the National Toxicology Program 12th Report on Carcinogens."  The Report, prepared by a panel of scientists, states "compelling evidence exists to support a listing of styrene as, at a minimum, reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen."  The time to switch to safe, environmentally preferable alternatives is NOW!

Costs Less Than Epoxy Resin, Yet Offers Superior Properties!  

TSE's polyurethane composite resin systems cost about 20% less than epoxy and vinyl ester solutions and provide better physical, mechanical and thermal properties. TSE provides complete VOC-Free and BPA-Free turnkey solutions, including technology, product and processes (Filament Winding, Spray-Up, RTM, Casting) to make your conversion from epoxy to our composite resin systems virtually seamless.  Since our resin contains no VOC's, solvents or styrene, there's no need for Title V permitting! 

polyurethane resins for bath and spa reinforcementTSE's Composite Technology Solutions include:

TSE-EcoWind®:  Our Award winning, high performance filament winding thermoset composite resin system. To learn more, Click Here.

TSE-EcoWinder™ Resin Applicator:  Our Award winning, patented resin applicator, the TSE-EcoWinder™, reduces waste from about 5% to just 0.25%, saving you BIG MONEY!  (Award for Composites Excellence, October, 2014, CAMX Orlando).

TSE-EcoSpray®:  A line of Thermoset Composite Resin Systems for: Hot Tub Spas, Bath Products and the EPS Coating Industry.   

TSE-EcoSpray® Bio:  Rigid bio-based polyurethane spray-applied rigid foam to reinforce, insulate and fill voids in hot tub spas and baths.  Click Here.

For more information on TSE-EcoSpray® and TSE-EcoWind Polyurethane Resins, please contact: Chip Dantzic at (727) 540-1310 or contact Chip here.