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Contract Manufacturing of Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives & More

Reactive hot melt adhesives, Over 100 Million Pounds Tolled!Why Choose TSE?  Over 125 MILLION POUNDS of Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives Tolled. On Spec. On Time. Every Time.   

We've toll manufactured over 125 Million pounds of reactive hot melt adhesives for some of the top companies in the business for decades. That's experience. Bring us your manufacturing package and we'll take it from there. Then relax knowing you chose the right contract manufacturer. You're in good hands.  

TSE has the knowledge and experience to scale-up your hot melt adhesives and get them into production with speed, accuracy, efficiency and consistency.  We do two-part polyurethanes and epoxies just as well.

Thanks to the insatiable appetite of our Reactor 14, The Beast (see photo below) that churns out 4,800 gallons at a time, we've increased capacity, so we're able to offer our expertise to a select number of new customers. And with our unique NMP process cleaning system, we have the ability to produce pigmented reactive hot melt adhesives, pre-polymers, and other products

Our People.  Our staff of PhD Chemists and Engineers will scale-up your reactive hot melt adhesives in our in-house lab, known as DAC (Development and Analytical Center), using a dedicated bank of smaller reactors. Once you're satisfied that your reactive hot melts meet your specifications, we'll turn it over to our experienced Operations Manager, who'll take it into full production utilizing our staff of Production Managers, Floor Supervisors, and Chemical Operators. 

Reactor 14-The BeastOur Manufacturing Equipment includes:

  • Production Reactors: 4,800, 3,750(4), 1,500, 500(2) & 250Gal
  • Five Scale-Up Reactors: 500, 250, 25, 15, 5Gal
  • Reactors 316 Stainless Steel, Full Vacuum & Pressure Rated
  • Operate Under Closed Conditions
  • Charge from Bulk, Drum, Tote and Bags
  • In-line Filtration (10-800µ) and Jacketed Draw-Off Lines
  • Nitrogen & Argon Piped to All Reactors and Packaging Areas
  • Reactor Design Allows for Flawless Scale-Up
  • Complete Heating and Cooling Systems
  • NMP Process Cleaning System
  • Solvent Distillation/Recovery System

ISO Certified.  We're an ISO 9001-2008 Certified facility.  Our DAC Lab performs in-process and final testing of your reactive hot melt adhesives.  Our Materials Management team will take it from there, carefully packaging and shipping your hot melts to you or drop-shipping them directly to your customers with your label. Our comprehensive Quality Assurance program assures you consistently excellent product.  

Contract Manufacturing Processing Technologies:

  • Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives 
  • Urethane Prepolymers (MDI, TDI and Aliphatics)
  • Pigmented or Filled Polyurethanes and Polyols (Up to 60 Percent Filler Loads)
  • TDI Prepolymers 
  • Liquid Urethane Adhesives
  • Cast Urethanes
  • TPU’s (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes)
  • Epoxies
  • Other Non-Hazardous Products

On Spec. On Time. Every Time™.  At TSE, we deliver more than polymers.  We deliver peace of mind™.  You need a contract manufacturer you can count on and trust.  After all, these are your products. Your name and reputation are on the line with every batch. We get it.  You need performance, not excuses. You need your RHM's on-spec, on time, every time.™  That's TSE. Our expertise in reactive hot melt adhesives, responsive customer service and on-time performance will have you sticking with us, year after year and decade after decade.

Come On Down!  Come and see us!  Hop a flight and tour our facility here in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. We're proud of our home and love to show it off. Most of all, come and meet the great people of TSE who make it happen for our customers, every single day. 


TSE. THE Contract Manufacturer of Choice for Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives.  

For more information about Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives and other toll manufactured products, contact:  Rick Klingel at (727) 540-1204 or contact Rick here.